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Holophone H2-PRO Surrounds the 48th Grammy Awards, Super Bowl XL, NHL Hockey, and NBA Basketball

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Holophone H2-PRO Surrounds the 48th Grammy Awards, Super Bowl XL, NHL Hockey, and NBA Basketball

In a stellar week of broadcast events, the Holophone H2-PRO surround sound microphone puts viewers at home in the best seat in the house.

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA February 8, 2006 - Holophone, a division of Rising Sun Productions, Ltd., today announced that the patented Holophone H2-PRO surround microphone has once again been selected as the microphone of choice for capturing venue ambience at Super Bowl XL in Detroit Michigan and the Grammy Awards in Los Angeles. The H2-PRO was also an integral part of the mix in the Canadian Broadcast Corporation's (CBC) HDTV broadcast of NHL Hockey Night in Canada on February 4, and two Holophone units will be used on this week's Dallas Maverick's vs. Miami Heat basketball game on TNT's NBA Thursday.

As a single point-source, point and shoot Surround Sound capture device, the Holophone H2-PRO utilizes the theories of head related transfer function (HRTF) to capture 7.1 channels of discrete surround sound audio in a single, cost-effective unit. The device acts in a manner similar to the human head to localize sound sources from microphone elements placed on it's perimeter. When placed in any venue, the Holophone H2-PRO has the ability to accurately replicate the three-dimensional feeling of being in that venue. When the system is combined with an HDTV broadcast and experienced at home on a 5.1 channel home theater or studio setup, the combination instantly translates into a more dynamic and realistic broadcast experience for viewers and listeners.

Jonathan Godfrey CEO of Holophone commented: "When preparing for a surround sound mix for HDTV, broadcasters traditionally have used a large number of microphones placed strategically around a venue. This process is extremely time consuming and creating a cohesive and realistic experience for the viewers at home can be somewhat daunting." He continued, "With the H2-PRO, one unit is usually all that is required to capture the ambience of the event and deliver that "being there" experience home to the viewer. Even in events as large as the Super Bowl and Grammy Awards, setup rarely takes more than an hour, and the audio experience can not be matched by using traditional methods" Further, "The system provides a dependable and rugged capture device that engineers can rely on and transport from venue to venue."

Preparing for the 2006 Grammy Awards, Co-Sound supervisor and Academy advisor Hank Neuberger of Third Wave Productions and Audience mixer Klaus Landsberg planned to have the H2-PRO used as the basis for the surround mix. Customs delays prevented the original H2-PRO from arriving in Los Angeles on time for the broadcast. When an alternate unit was arranged last minute, Hank Neuberger stated: "You guys are a Life Saver! Do you know how happy Klaus will be? Do you understand how much time you have saved us?"

Time Is Money!

About Holophone

The Holophoneâ„¢ Surround Sound Microphone System is a patented audio recording system designed specifically to address the challenges audio professionals face today with recording and broadcasting multichannel surround sound. Developed by Rising Sun Productions in Toronto, Canada, the Holophone system effortlessly captures discrete, surround sound signals that are realistic and provide the most accurate spatiality, audio imaging and directionality of any recording device. Entirely compatible with all audio mixing, encoding, and playback systems, Holophone also enhances mono and stereo mixes. It is the perfect front-end for all professional audio applications - HDTV broadcasting, standard broadcasting of live sporting and music events, feature film location recording, and studio recording for music and films. As a scalable system, the Holophone technology is also available for license to the consumer electronics industry.

Rising Sun Productions, Ltd., is headquartered in Toronto, Canada. www.holophone.com.

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