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Faneuil Hall Boston

This was a recording of the Boston Classical Orchestra at Faneuil Hall, Boston, MA , in Feb. '99 arranged by the Boston Chapter of the AES to try out some new microphone recording techniques for surround sound. We didn't have a hard-wired version of the Holophone® yet so we strung up the wireless version about 6 feet above the audiences heads and about 1/3 the way back in the room. Not the ideal location (it should be as close to the best seat in the house as possible) but it was a live concert in a historical building and the mics could not really be in the way of the audience.

We got excellent results in the recordings from this performance, and the recordings were compared back to back to other technologies recording on the same tapes.

Dave Moulton of the AES writes about this early experiment. Please see our news section.