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Cowboy Junkies, Trinity Session Revisited


The Band, The Cowboy Junkies got together in October 2006 to capture a performance for an upcoming release, a live DVD produced by FOGO/Enliven Entertainment.

The band was captured live to Hi-DEF with 5.1 channel surround sound in the Church of the Holy Trinity, a historic church located in downtown Toronto, Canada. The band was recorded in a style that emulated the original recording of the "Trinity Session" album they made here 20 years before. This time around, the band utilized a Holophone H2-PRO placed in the center of a circle with the band surrounding and facing the mic. The acoustics were fantastic in the church and the H2-PRO captured it all in instant 3-dimensional sound... with no processing involved! With the Holophone system, set-up was simple: just find the spot that sounds best in whatever environment, and place the mic there and you only need one mic! . Surround. Simple.

More info on the band and the original"Trinity Session" recordings can be found here:


Check back with us soon to find out more news about this project.