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CultureCatch teams up with Holophone for first HD 5.1 Podcast


Holophone microphones and podcasting Web site CultureCatch made history June 17 with the first 5.1 surround HD video podcast.

Entitled "CC Monthly Music Salon Series with Ms. Vanessa Carlton," the podcast featured music from the recording artist's new CD.

On a warm evening in June the Holophone H2-PRO was centered in a New York living room, set to deliver the surround ambience for the world's first 5.1 podcast.

Featuring Vanessa Carlton and a handful of invited guests the evening consisted of an intimate Q&A, as well as performances by the singer/songwriter.

"We love that the features of the H4 SuperMINI are so turnkey," says Richard Burns, co-founder and podcast director.

"The mic is able to automatically encode its six channels of audio to the camera, and we don't have to do anything to make it surround. When it hits our viewers' home theaters or 5.1 setups on their computers, it automatically decodes to surround sound."

Holophone, CultureCatch produce first 5.1 surround HD video podcast