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WWE Incorporates Holophone H2-PRO

The WWE rely on the three dimensional pick up pattern of the H2-PRO to deliver the surounding effect of the WWE fans to the viewers at home.

 Randy Flick Senior Audio Mixer has chosen to employ the H2-PRO for Wrestlemania XXV. Holophone systems will be used in a similar fashion to the weekly Smackdown and Raw events, that utilize the H2-PRO for crowd ambience.

Supported by two Holophone H2-PRO surround sound microphones. One mic is placed near the camera tower, about 25 ft. above the crowd; the other will hang from the lighting truss.

"We don't want to pick out any individual voices in the crowd," Flick says, "but want to get the impact of 65,000 people screaming their lungs out."


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