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Picture-1-1Pushing the Envelop
- January 28 2013
Picture-1-1BCS Championship game to use Holophone H2-PRO and H4 SuperMINI
- January 7 2013
- October 26 2012
- Sports Video Group June 2012
- Cigar Aficionado
- CreativeCOW.net
Picture-1-1Holophone, The Leader in Surround recording
- Trew Audio - by Glen Trew June 2008
Picture-1-1Holophone's Portamic 5.1 Wins Broadcast Engineering's Nab Pick Hit Award
Picture-1-1All in the news That's Fit to be Heard (PDF)
- AM - TV Technology - Olive ActiveMagazine March 2008
Picture-1-1Cowboy Junkies Go Back to Church
- Mix Professional Audio and Music Production February 2008
Picture-1-1Capture the world in 5.1 with this excellent audio addition. (PDF)
- DV.com January 2008
Picture-1-1Acht Ohren - Der Mikrofamilie Holophone gr–ßtes Mitglied: das H2-Pro.
Teil 2 der Vorstellung der Surround-Eier.
- Cut Magazine January 2008
Picture-1-1Discovery HD Canada taps Holophone to capture audio in 5.1 for documentary (PDF)
- TV Technology November 2007
Picture-1-1Field Test: Holophone H3-D Surround Microphone (PDF)
- Sports Video Group November 2007
Picture-1-1Holophone's H2-PRO Brings Harmony To the Mormon Tabernacle Choir (PDF)
- Sports Video Group November 2007
Picture-1-1Holophone's H4 SUPERMINI brings life-like sounds to the motion pictures (PDF)
- Mix Professional Audio and Music Production October 2007
Picture-1-1Yahoo! Music Selects Holophone H2-PRO Surround Sound Microphone (PDF)
- Mix Professional Audio and Music Production October 2007
Picture-1-1Holophone's H4 SUPERMINI: Capturing the Mind of Les Paul (PDF)
- Digital Producer Magazine October 2007
Picture-1-1Holophone microphone at the UFM (PDF)
- Lo nuevo en la UFM September 2007
Picture-1-1Holophone H3-D (PDF)
- Professional Sound August 2007
Picture-1-1Holophone Surround Sound Microphone Systems (PDF)
- NAB 2007 Product Preview Guide March 2007
Picture-1-1Holophone H4 SuperMini (PDF)
- Shoot reviews March 2007
Picture-1-1Build out a Mobile Sound Design Studio from Scratch (PDF)
- Studio monthly March 2007
Picture-1-1Holophone H2-Pro on the Cover of Annual Gear Guide (PDF)
- Pro Audio Review Magazine February 2007
Picture-1-1Holophone Surround Sound Microphone Family (PDF)
- Pro Audio Review Magazine November 2006
Picture-1-1Harvesting the World of Surround (PDF)
- Audio Media Magazine December 2006
Picture-1-1Holophone H2-PRO Used to Record 7.1 Sound Effects Library (PDF)
- MIX Professional Audio and Music Production: Nov 21, 2006 4:07 PM
Picture-1-1Broadcast Engineering "The future of 5.1 surround sound (PDF)
- Dec 6, 2005 12:06 PM, Audio Technology Update e-newsletter
Picture-1-1Pro Sound News Europe-Sept 05 - tpr Product Review, Holophone H2-PRO Surround Microphone (PDF)
Picture-1-1Holophone H2 Pro Surround Microphone Eight-Capsule System Delivers Accurate Stereo Image (PDF) - by Kevin Becka, Technology Field Test, Mix Magazine 02/05
Picture-1-1Surround Field Production (PDF) - Football Field, That Is - by Steve Harvey, Pro Sound News 11/04
Picture-1-1Frank serafine: SFX Master Rides the Next Wave (PDF) - Millimeter 04/05
Picture-1-1Surround Sound Miking and Microphones: An Experimental Recordingby David Moulton

So How Did They Sound, Dave?! by David MoultonPicture-1-1

Picture-1-1Some More Experience With Mike Godfrey's 6.1 Microphone, Now Called "The Holophone®"by David Moulton
Picture-1-1The GSMS Holophone surround mic system.by Bobby Owsinski
Picture-1-1Field Test - The Holophone - Surround Professional puts the unique microphone though the pacesby Bobby Owsinski
Picture-1-1The Sound Of Success - February 2, 2000 MSNBC Technology SectionBy Barry Brown
Picture-1-1Musician's High-Tech Microphone Makes Waves - February 4, 2000 Toronto Star - Your Business Page E1By Chris Zelkovich
Picture-1-1Mix Magazine April 2000 - TECHNOLOGY SPOTLIGHTBy George Petersen