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Holophone Licensed to Moscow International House of Music

For Immediate Release

Holophone Surround Sound Microphone System
Licensed to Moscow International House of Music

Unique Russian concert complex first live venue in the world to install Holophone's advanced surround sound recording technology

Toronto, Ontario, CANADA March 24, 2003 — Holophone, a division of Rising Sun Productions, Ltd., today announced it has entered into a long-term licensing agreement with the Moscow International House of Music to provide its Holophone Surround Sound Microphone system as the standard, in-house audio recording system for all its live performances. This is the first licensing arrangement of its kind, which meets the requirements of this distinctive performance venue to have the finest audio recording technology. The Holophone system can capture up to 6.1 discrete channels of hi-quality surround sound.

The Moscow House of Music is a ten-story music complex featuring a symphony hall with more than 1800 seats, a chamber hall and a multipurpose hall with an overall capacity of more than 3000 seats. The House also has a two-story basement and total area of more than forty thousand square meters. The construction took eighteen months, and was completed by a Turkish company ´ENKAª, with the support of ´Tovarischestvo Teatralnyh Arkhitektorov Ltd.ª, a Russian architectural design developing company (architects Mr. Yuriy P. Gnedovski and Mr. Vladlen D. Krasilnikov). To view pictures of this new and exciting complex click here.

"The audio-video studio with super modern technical equipment will enable the Moscow House of Music to record not only concerts, but also rehearsals of the world's outstanding performers," said Grigory Kasatkin, Systems Engineer for ISPA Engineering (the Russian company responsible for the acquisition and installation of the audio/visual equipment). "We searched worldwide to find the best microphone technology for recording live performances in hi-quality surround sound, and we found it in the Holophone System," he said.

The Moscow House of Music is to become one of Moscow's cultural centers, as it will include restaurants, an exhibition hall, a hotel, a music shop and a fitness center. All this will create the best conditions to host prestigious music festivals and contests. It will also become a rehearsal base for famous Russian orchestras, among which are ´Virtuosos of Moscow, and The Russian Philharmonicª. Also, the Moscow House of Music will host Mr. Vladimir Spivakov's International Charity Foundation.

Jonathan Godfrey, CEO of Holophone stated, "The Moscow House of Music is an exceptional, modern concert complex. We are excited that they have chosen to adopt the Holophone Surround Sound microphone system as the standard front-end for multichannel and other audio recording." Continued Godfrey, "We live in a multichannel world. The Holophone is the only system available that meets surround sound recording needs now and going forward."

"This is a very high profile project, and it sets a new benchmark for concert halls and live performance venues," stated Peter Filleul, Acting Executive Director of the APRS (Association of Professional Recording Services), who was involved with the installation. "The eyes and ears of the live audio recording community will be watching and listening to what they're doing in Moscow, especially with surround sound."

About Holophone

The Holophone surround sound microphone system is a patented audio recording system designed specifically to address the challenges audio professionals face today with recording and broadcasting multichannel surround sound. Developed by Rising Sun Productions in Toronto, Canada, the Holophone system effortlessly captures discrete, surround sound signals that are realistic and provide the most accurate spatiality, audio imaging and directionality of any recording device. Entirely compatible with all audio mixing, encoding, and playback systems, Holophone also enhances mono and stereo mixes. It is the perfect front-end for all professional audio applications — HDTV broadcasting, standard broadcasting of live sporting and music events, feature film location recording, and studio recording for music and films. As a scalable system, the Holophone technology is also available for license to the consumer electronics industry.

Rising Sun Productions, Ltd., is headquartered in Toronto, Canada, with satellite offices located in the UK and Southern California.

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