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Introducing the New Holophone VR 360 Immersive Audio Microphone- The Ultimate Multichannel microphone designed from the ground up to be a no-compromise and time-proven solution for capturing immersive 3-D audio live for VR and 360 camera system

Holophone®-The Pioneers of VR Audio

Holophone® has been committed to providing immersive audio solution to content creators of the finest and largest scale sporting events and creative productions on Planet Earth for over 20 years. We have been delivering no compromise and easy to use multichannel audio capture systems that focus on operator simplicity and an unbelievably lifelike 3-D audio playback experience over speakers or stereo headphones- and experience that viewers can never forget. We have pioneered, designed and patented multiple award winning products and processes that provide a "really being there" feeling to consumers around the world . Audio capture with our microphone systems provide the basis for accurately re-creating tactile three dimensional spaces in a convenient "real-world" package. While others have attempted to recreate our products and processes, we are the original creators of audio capture in 3D and have by far the most experience with the process. This new and exciting wave of modern, properly funded Virtual Reality Production is tremendously exciting to us at Holophone as it shares a direct lineage in it's concept to our products and all the insanely accurate 3D audio we have been working on since our humble beginnings. with the advent of VR headsets, the screen finally matches the sound! The union of high quality Immersive Video finally being combined with the high quality immersive audio that has been enabled by and captured with our microphone systems is a match made in heaven. This is the Future of VR production. Holophone + VR = WOW!

RSG Demonstrates Surround Field Recording and Monitoring with Holophone and DTS at NAB Show

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